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Do Loft Conversions require Planning Permission?

Answer One:  Planning Permission is not required if the loft conversion only has a roof window.

Answer Two:  Planning Permission is not required if the proposed loft conversion has rear facing dormer windows &/or velux windows. HOWEVER this is only the case where Permitted Development Rights (or ‘PD Rights’) are in place.

To be a Permitted Development (not requiring an application for Planning Permission) any additional roof space created by dormers must not exceed the following volume allowances:

  • 40 cubic metres for terraced houses
  • 50 cubic metres for detached and semi-detached houses

You can check your property’s Permitted Development Rights by contacting your Local Authority Planning Department.

Answer Three:  Planning Permission is required if the loft conversion proposal has front facing dormer windows.

Velux cabrio windows are a great alternative to front facing dormer windows and they typically do not require planning approval if Permitted Development Rights are in place on the property.

You can learn more about loft conversions at the PlanningPortal.gov website.

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