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How long does Planning Permission take?

We are often asked how long the design and planning permission process can take. We hope the information below gives you an indication of how long it typically takes in the UK. Please note these durations are stated for guidance purposes and do not allow time for any amendments required by local planning authorities.

  • Architectural Design: 4-6 weeks
  • Architectural design for typical domestic project normally 4-6 weeks depending on size and complexity
  • Planning Permission: 10-14 weeks
  • Planning approval can take up to 12 weeks however if a proposal requires adjustments, modifications or revisions this may be greatly extended

Please note that if a project relates to a property that has Permitted Development Rights then Planning Permission may not be required.

  • Building Regulations: 3-4 weeks

The building control element of the architectural process is typically very flexible, allowing a contractor to modify drawings/specifications (with agreement of the Building Inspector) for compliance on-site.
Building Regulation applications may also be submitted at the time of the planning application, allowing concurrent processing and approval. This can reduce the time is takes to start construction.

In conclusion, the architectural design and approvals process can be quite lengthy or take as little as 14 weeks. Our advice is to start the process as soon as possible, allowing thought and feedback to be integrated into a development – ensuring the design and functionality of your project exceeds your requirements.

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